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Fully Integrated ERP/CRM Business Management Software

Web Access

The Customer Web Login (Web Portal) is the perfect companion application to Businessman ERP, it allows remote access to your Company data on virtually any device with Internet access.

Improve Sales Revenue & efficiency

We help customize & automate your own business processes, putting your business back in your hands.

Free Trial

We offer comprehensive support contracts that entitle you to free upgrades, so why not Download a free trial of BusinessMan and see for yourself  or ask for an interactive demonstration.

BusinessMan ERP/CRM is a software solution developed using the FileMaker platform making it powerful, flexible and easy to maintain.

Just some of BusinessMan ERP/CRM features

  • Full Auditing and traceability for logging every action
  • Warehouse Module with scanning inventory capability
  • Contracts and Service modules fantastic for monthly billing
  • Drag and drop Resource Scheduler helpful for graphical planning
  • Comprehensive Estimating and costing tools
  • Sales and Purchase orders modules which link nicely to your Stock control

Web Portal

The Web Portal uses Web technology to integrate to your BusinessMan desk application.  This is fantastic for users who want to access only the modules pertinent to their role whilst working remotely.  It is simplified by taking all of the modules out which are not needed in the field, making the interface intuitive, colourful and friendly.

The Web Portal can also be used for client access and is compatible with any device, making it a perfect option for Andriod or Smart phone use.

BusinessMan is a product built and designed by award winning Computech