Industry Sectors

BME is an award winning, comprehensive and flexible, business management framework, which can be applied to virtually any type of business.

BME is essentially a CRM, ERP and MRP platform, which can be customised to meet the unique needs of a large cross section of business environments. We provide the client with a product that conforms to their preferred working practices as opposed to forcing the company to adapt to the software.  “Your business, your way.”

BME clients are diverse, both in industry and size. They encompass the following industry sectors:

  • Agricultural Crop Control & Optimization
  • Automotive Component Remanufacture & Repair
  • Aviation Component Remanufacture & Repair
  • Commercial Building Refurbishment
  • Commercial Building Services Management
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Commercial Print & Pre-Press Production
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Event & Show Management
  • Financial Services
  • Heavy Plant & Materials Handling Equipment Manufacture
  • Industrial & Domestic Chemical Manufacture
  • Interior Fixtures & Fittings Manufacture
  • Medical Research & Development
  • Petrochemical Valve Manufacture
  • Service Sector Resource & Fleet Control