BME has it’s own, optional, fully integrated Accounts package, BMA.  This means that no third party software is needed which saves time as you do not have to duplicate invoices or bill entries, or even worry about exporting your data out correctly.

Cross Platform

The Accounts module works on both Mac and PC.

Customize Your Accounts package

What makes this accounting package so unique, is that any part of the module can be completely customized to suit your own financial practices and coincide with the way your CRM/ERP works.  Our experienced developers will work with you to deliver the accounting software that meets your own specification.

Easy to use layouts

The graphical interface makes learning the accounting module extremely intuitive.  Easy to navigate graphical menus enhance the users experience

BME can also integrate seamlessly with both Sage, QuickBooks, Xero and any other popular packages assuming that an API is available.