BusinessMan’s feature rich ERP includes multiple integrated modules, that takes the user from quote, right the way through to inventory, jobs and scheduling.



BusinessMan allows you to create Purchase orders from the Vendor/Supplier, directly from the sales order, from a Job/Work Order or from our Project Managment tool.   The inclusive Purchasing software, POP, is essential for managing, tracking and accepting inventory items into stock.  Once  processed, payments and disputes can made against the PO.


The resources can be assigned in the planning view, where using the full “drag-and-drop” scheduler, you can schedule the job or work order to take place at any time you wish. All resources are checked when scheduled, to ensure that they are available and that no clashes or multiple allocations occur.

Documents and templates can be stored against the job, using the in-built document management system, so they are always available in the right place at the right time!

Working hours are calculated based on the start times and end times for each job. Weekends and national vacations are also taken into account. From a “Master Job”, a running total is provided which accumulates all the hours used on each of the related child jobs.

Costs can be recorded against each Job. Purchase Orders and other additional costs may be raised against the Job.


The sales order processing software (SOP) within BusinessMan, is usually used as the cost center for all client orders.  Purchase orders, jobs and invoices can all be created from the sales order, making it easy to evaluate job costs.


BusinessMan includes a detailed product inventory/stock system, where you can store all the items you need for quotations, orders, invoices and purchase orders.

The stock detail gives you many options, such as accounting information linked to that inventory item, purchase history (highlights previous cheapest source), images, detailed text descriptions, preferred suppliers and much more. Product and stock templates, called assemblies, can also be created and saved.

The Stock module can also link to the Warehouse module, where you can find the exact location of your inventory.

Assemblies (BOM’s) can also be built within BusinessMan either RTB or Pre-Built.  Jobs/Work Orders can be created, scheduled and assigned to resources to complete the production process.


BusinessMan ERP has its own Document Manager, with full revision control, file size display and it allows you to upload any type of document or image.


BusinessMan’s Estimating module allows you to create quotations from both Clients and Prospects.  There are different options available depending on how complex you would like the quote to be.  These include stored templates, detailed text, images, and profit margin calculators.  All information on the quotation can then be pulled through directly to a sales order if accepted.


BusinessMan includes a multitude of CRM features, which are hugely beneficial in the sales process.   This can be anything from a Prospect pipeline, Call Management, history and notes, through to a completely integrated Email client, which stores all communication against the relevant client.

You can create Tasks and internal messages, view sales reports and easily follow up leads.  The list of customer management features is exhaustive, so please, request a demonstration to see for yourself.


BusinessMan has a comprehensive Human Resources module, where staff data can be recorded. Staff attendance (sickness), qualifications, annual reviews, disciplinary actions, templates, timesheets, staff reviews and personal data including next of kin may also be stored in this module.


BusinessMan ERP has it’s own integrated Email Client.  This is similar to Outlook.  The email client allows you to post emails directly to the Client’s, Supplier’s or Prospect’s account, allowing everyone to view the emails pertinent to each customer.