BME allows full control of your inventory and also allows allocation based on several methods. First in First Out (FIFO) is the default, Last in First Out (LIFO), Lowest Cost First (LCF) or manual, can also be applied.

The Warehouse Module allows you to control where these stock items are located and allows you to move items from one location to another. Multiple warehouses, bays and aisles are supported. Manipulation of the stock is usually customized to the requirements of the customer, but movement and storage along with picking and dispatch would normally be carried out using a tablet based system. The framework for this is in place, but as every customer manages their stock / inventory in specific ways, we accommodate those individual needs with customization.

Aisles and Bays can be named or numbered and given a type, such as “WIP” (Work in Progress) or “FG” (Finished Goods).  This means that Bays can be given roles which can be defined as needed, such as the allocation of goods for use in Sales Orders, or for specific Jobs, such as items for repair or inspection.

Inventory management also includes the ability to record serial numbers and batch numbers, so allocation can be managed to suit the customer. The stock system also supports the use of “Bill of Materials” (BOM) and can create internal work orders (Jobs) to manufacture or assemble items for use as finished goods for stock replenishment.

In addition, BME can deal with assemblies that are “built to order”.  A job can be created to build the required order using the BOM’s and when complete, they are added to stock and immediately allocated to the Sales Order.