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BusinessMan Trial for Mac & Windows

BusinessMan Enterprise is developed using the FileMaker database platform. You require FileMaker licenses to run the full version and these are included with the full version of BusinessMan Enterprise. (Discounts apply should you already have FileMaker licenses). You do not need FileMaker for the trial version.

If you already have FileMaker 16 or greater than you can download the version for FileMaker users and host accordingly.

If you do not have FileMaker then you can download the stand alone Windows or Mac Version.

All versions are pre populated with sample data to get you started.

To get your trial version of BusinessMan Enterprise :-

  • Select the required download above and the download will begin.
  • Unzip the required BusinessMan zip file.
  • Navigate to the location you chose for the unzipped folder.
  • Open the folder and select the file “BusinessMan” from the list, double click that file to open the BusinessMan Trial.
  • Should the “Network Sharing” message appear, click “OK”.
  • The BME Trial will then open on your computer, then click the “Start” button in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Enter your details and request the trial code.
  • Your trial code will be sent to the email address you supplied.
  • Enter the code in the red highlighted box and then click “Begin Trial”.
  • Complete the Start Up Wizard the BusinessMan trial will begin.

Live Demo & Video Library

BusinessMan is a very comprehensive system.  With this in mind, we offer live demonstrations using the “Go To Meeting” solution.  We share desktops, demonstrate the system, discuss your requirements and deal with any queries you have in real time.  This session is recorded and we send you a link enabling you to download the demo and view it at your leisure.

We also have a rapidly expanding Video Demonstration Library, this features videos that show the functionality of each of the BusinessMan elements.   An example of this is shown opposite, some of the videos have audio, but most are silent at the moment.  We are constantly adding to list of elements that are covered and adding an audio commentary to those which are currently silent.

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