Mobile Apps
Need a mobile app?
From simple solutions such as gathering sales leads information, logging time sheets and field support maintenance to multi tiered agricultural applications or MRP integration.
Computech are able to design an app that integrates into your existing solution, a solution that we have provided or operates as standalone.
With off line capability and functionality on all common mobile platforms, Computech are you one stop shop for mobile app development.
More examples will be added here. Please visit again soon.

Data Gathering App (Video here)

This basic app was developed for gathering sales prospects data. Designed to work offline, it is able to interface with multiple servers and upload and retain data when reconnected.



Job App (Video here)

The job act enabled remote workers such as service engineers to access the job details remotely.

They are then able to follow the job instructions and update the job status. Furthermore they can log their time, enter additional cost and take photos all of which are passed back to the host in real time or when a data connection is established.

Time sheet App (Video here)

• Create and submit time sheets
• Record time sheets against client jobs
• View filtered lists
• View individual details
• Integrate with your FileMaker solution

A simple and intuitive application that enables you to complete time sheets quickly and with ease.