BusinessMan Web, Early Adopters Program. A genuinely Special Offer.

Over the past two years, our in-house web team have developed a new, advanced web technology version of Businessman (BMEW) to compliment the award winning Client/Server version.

BMEW contains the time proven full feature set of BME with the enhancements that only web technologies can offer. BMEW is written using cutting edge industry leading technologies and is deployed to an open source SQL database.

This means we have full control over the licensing and development processes and therefore, ongoing costs, as we are not beholding to any provider for license fees and hosting.

For a limited period, we are offering clients a chance to sign up to BMEW for a fixed fee (finance available), unlimited user licence scheme. The early adopters program offers the following benefits:

  • Latest technology development
  • Exceptionally high performance
  • Infinitely expandable
  • Custom designed completely to your specification
  • Unlimited users
  • No client required. Runs on all devices with a web browser support
  • No annual or monthly licensing
  • Flexible support option with “pay as you go” model
  • Can be hosted in-house or in a datacentre
  • Exceptionally inexpensive compared to other products
  • Integration with clients existing preferred solutions.

The Early Adopter’s Program is unique and we believe Computech Software are the only company to offer this purchase option. For a typical ten user system, the cost saving as compared to competitors’ offering can amount to tens of thousands of pounds over five years. For a typical fifty user system, the cost saving scales up to hundreds of thousands.

Once on public release, BMEW will only be available under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, with monthly licensing per user, paid annually.