Technical Specification
BusinessMan ERP requires FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced or later.
Your purchase of BusinessMan will include FileMaker licenses and FileMaker Server, unless you already have it.
BusinessMan© is compatible on a PC, Mac and server environment and can be accessed from anywhere on your internal network or via VPN/WAN. We can also provide web modules to make your data available on the web (and iPhone/Smartphone), to you and your customers.

Language: English

Please refer to the FileMaker website for the hardware specification

Note : BusinessMan ERP can only be deployed onto a Windows based server platform.

Multi user environment

Suitable for upto 999 simultaneous users. Can be run on a single computer or hosted on a server (preferred). The benefits of using FileMaker Server to host the BusinessMan© system include scheduled backups, data protection, data and network speed, improved security.